Anti-seismic Design For ASRS Warehouse in WAP

Because the collection of seismic data and the determination of parameters of equipment are far more complex than those of civil buildings, the research on seismic resistance of equipment is limited to nuclear equipment, electric power equipment and other important equipment.

At present, there is no aseismic standard or industry standard for logistics equipment in ASRS. It mainly depends on the system integrator to make more considerations in the design and planning. The main consideration is how to design the parts connected with the logistics equipment and warehouse, that is, the foundation design. Usually, the ground embedding of ASRS can adopt the method of pre-embedding channel steel, that is, when the pre-embedding, each row of pre-embedding bolts connected with the shelf column are connected by the whole channel steel, and then the angle steel is connected between the channel steel, so that the whole ground and the shelf and the building steel structure, the color steel plate form a whole. Seismic capacity is greatly enhanced. Another way to reduce the difficulty of construction is to bury the main reinforcement in the lower layer of the foundation. The upper layer can be covered with some fine reinforcement, after the ground can be cut into many pieces, so that the foundation is still a whole.

In addition to the foundation pressure under static loads of stackers and shelves, the increase of other loads under seismic conditions, the horizontal pressure in the earthquake direction, and the upward tension of stackers should also be considered. These values will multiply the static pressure. In addition, we need to consider the damage of earthquake to ASRS software. When the earthquake occurs, some of the equipment in ASRS is damaged, which will interrupt the communication network of the information system, and the information of the damaged goods and equipment will be lost. What’s more, it will further affect the command ability of the whole system and lead to the strike of all the equipment in the warehouse. Therefore, when designing the information system, it is better to consider the failure of one or more equipment in the event of an earthquake or other accident, but not affect the normal operation of other equipment.

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