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WAP provides not only a wide range of shelving & racking, and storage equipment & accessories, but also professional solutions and comprehensive services.

  • Free expert advice and design to provide you the best solutions satisfying your specific storage demands.
  • Perfect order execuation: Strict quality control, Rapid delivery and product quality assurance.
  • Our Research & Development is responsible for develop new series and design products in line with client’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)/ ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) requirements.
  • Delievery time: 7-10days for General Orders. 1st shipment might be prearrranged around 20days for big orders.
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  • Exact Design
    According to user’s storage requirement, we would  make the design with the factors, which are including warehouse dimensions, working modes, racks solutions, to increase storage utilization of warehouse space, and improve task efficiency.
  • Products Quality
    WAP has strict policy on products quality and safety protection, with all kinds of stress tests and the finite element analysis technology.
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  • Precise Manufacturing
    WAP has completed maunfacturing process lines and system, from purchasing,material inspection, manufacturing process, powder coat painting.
  • Professional Installation
    WAP has 20+ self-owned professional installation teams with several requested certificates or licences, to ensure perfect project.
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  • Provide the complete design proposal.
  • Negotiate the design plan and drawing with the customer.
  • Assembly & Installation:
    When the goods arrive the site, our installation workers will make an inventory with customer.
    With the supervision by our installation engineer, our installation workers will strictly construct according to the design proposal. During the installation, if discovering inconformity between the installation on city and the design plan, it will negotiate with the customer. If the inconformity is huge, it must be informed to our engineer. Our engineer will exchange with the customer and finally get agreement, only under this situation, the installation would be carried on. After the change of the installation, it must be check by the customer.
    After the installation, the installation engineer should check the racking with the customer and get the inspection report signed by the customer.
  • Provide the certification and guarantee of product quality.
  • Free warranty in 3 years after the inspection report.
  • WAP will supply the service out of the warranty, only take the material cost.
  • WAP will be give feedback in 1 hour, in 24 hours arrive on cite and deal with the problem. 

Service Commitments

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Service Procedure

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