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  • Project Scale:

    Warehouse Area: 36,000m2
    Rack Height: 8.1m
    Storage Capacity: 19,178Pallet Positions
    Cold Storage Environment: Normal temperature storage + fresh storage + steel platform

  • Project Overview:

    Hengan Group is one of the earliest companies that enter the Chinese sanitary pads market, and is also the largest manufacturer of women’s sanitary pads and baby diapers in China.

  • Customer Requirements:

    The racking system should be flexible, convenient and safe with high level of automation, so as to significantly improve the logistics capacity of the enterprise and improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

  • WAP Solution:

    Deviating from the stacker ASRS warehouse, the fully automated carrier and radio shuttle ASRS warehouse is an innovative fully automatic and intensive ASRS warehouse, which maximizes the utilization of warehouse space and meets customer’s requirements for higher efficiency of material input and output.