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How can mezzanine racking be fireproof?

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What circumstances would the mezzanine racking make with fire protected? What are the fire prevention methods? What health and safety functions are required for mezzanine racking? What configuration options are required for mezzanine racking?

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Fire protection for mezzanine racking

In some cases, mezzanine floors and platforms used for storage purposes may not require fire protection inspections. However, if the mezzanine floor is considered an additional layer in your business, the law provides 60 minutes of fire protection for the lower layer. Under the following circumstances, fire protection is required for the mezzanine floor:

1.In addition to the warehouse for permanent employment of personnel, it is also used for any other purpose, such as office space.

2. Each direction is greater than 20 meters.

3. More than 50% or more of the floor area of its installation space.

4. The mezzanine floor area exceeds 400 square meters.

As long as the length or width of the mezzanine floor does not exceed 20m, the mezzanine floor can be installed. In addition, the area of the mezzanine floor cannot exceed 50% or more of the company’s total construction area.


Common fire prevention methods for mezzanine rack

In order to maintain fire resistance throughout the mezzanine floor, any open edges around the loading area or stairs should be covered with a fire-resistant fascia system. It is usually installed with gypsum board type products, or galvanized, white or colored PVC steel panels can be provided to meet the specifications of the chromatography column. If your building already has a sprinkler system, you might consider extending it under the recommended mezzanine floor. Safe fire partitions and doors can be installed around one of the proposed stairs to provide a protected escape route back to the existing external fire door. You also need to consider emergency lighting, smoke and fire alarms, and related safety signs.


What are the configuration options for mezzanine racking?

1.Mezzanine conveyors (called inclined conveyors) are ideal when goods need to move continuously between the ground and the mezzanine, for example, because of picking and packaging or assembly reasons, and the lifting speed is too slow. The inclined conveyor is easy to operate, can be fixed on the ground for manual or automatic loading, and can be connected to the forward conveyor on the mezzanine itself where it meets the mezzanine.

2. Security barriers. All advanced platforms require handrails or obstacles-this is not only a legal requirement, but also simple common sense. The HSE regulations stated that the HSE guidelines stated that “continuous edge protection” must be provided, that is, the edges of the mezzanine floor must have continuous barriers to protect workers and visitors from the risk of falling from height. If the pallet is to be removed from the lift or forklift through the clearance of the obstacle, the pallet door must be used and can be constructed and integrated into the sandwich structure as part of a customized solution.

3. Mezzanine lift. If your goods and products are bulky, and your warehouse process does not require a constant flow from the ground to the mezzanine, then the mezzanine elevator may be better. Like your mezzanine floor, the design and manufacture of these elevators can usually be customized according to the specific use, size or load capacity requirements.

4. Office partition. If you plan to install offices, storage rooms or other room facilities on the mezzanine floor, you need to plan the layout and install partition walls. The partition wall can be made of different materials, such as glass or gypsum boards of various thicknesses, lengths and heights, and has fire resistance, sound insulation, and is laminated in various colors or finishes. They can incorporate suspended ceilings, windows, doors, heating, lighting, air conditioning, carpets, network cabling-in fact can be customized to any specifications.

5. staircase. One or more stairs can be used as part of a mezzanine floor solution and can be customized again to fit the entire mezzanine.

6. The design and installation of mezzanine racking will require permission from building regulations, and in turn, you need to ensure that workers with disabilities are provided access. Stairs (in some cases elevators) may need to comply with the M document of the Building Code-therefore, the mezzanine solution provider can advise you.

7. Floor / decoration options. When you specify a laminated floor for a specific use or application, you also need to determine the floor or “decoration” you need. The main considerations are load carrying capacity, moisture resistance, fire resistance, non-slip surface and durability. The main material options include particle board, steel floor and welded grille.

8. Facing. Some warehouse owners pay special attention to the color scheme of brands and companies. The mezzanine floor and all the components connected to it-stairs, elevators, rails, conveyors-can be painted with various colors of powder coating, which is both attractive and resistant to wear.

Mezzanine racking are usually used to increase the working environment capacity of storage or office space, the size of the mezzanine racking, the distance traveled, the usage and the number and type of people who will use the space at any given time will determine the required mezzanine fire protection Regulatory level. You can determine whether you need to fireproof the mezzanine floor by checking certain conditions. If you are looking for a supplier of mezzanine racking that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices,Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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