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How does ASRS systems work?

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Although the ASRS warehouse system may sound like a term in a new storage area, in fact, European, American, and Japanese companies began to purchase them commercially in the 1950s and 1960s, and computer system and tray design standardization has made great progress since then. , And these advances are very helpful in reducing equipment costs. How does the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System work? Is the AS / RS system right for your warehouse?

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What is ASRS system?

ASRS system includes a variety of products that are currently in use, such as carousels, vertical lifting modules, and fixed aisle storage and retrieval systems. I will focus on storage and retrieval systems because they are the most practical way to automate the entire warehouse. The basic components of ASRS system are:

  • Storage and retrieval of machines
  • Frame structure
  • Conveyor (or AGV) interface
  • Warehouse control system

1.Storage and retrieval machines are designed to handle multiple load types, but for a typical warehouse, this usually means a pallet load, a single box or tote, or both. The entire ASRS design focuses on load handling (size) and delivery speed for specific load types. The key to the successful operation of the system is to transfer cargo movement information between the existing warehouse management system and the automated warehouse control system (WCS). The WCS manages all automation equipment functions and tracks load movements into and out of the system.

2. Tray loading processing options. In pallet handling systems, the most common configuration is a fixed aisle storage and retrieval machine that moves the pallets into and out of the storage location. These storage and retrieval machines can also include shuttles for deep lane storage, and some versions can change lanes automatically. Less common, but very successful in the right applications are pallet lifting equipment for moving loads between the various levels in a rack, and shuttles for moving pallets in and out of storage locations. A wide range of options allows AS / RS system to be configured to match any load type, SKU density profile and delivery speed.

3. Box and tote handling options. There are even more types of carton or tote handling systems. Stacker equipment for pallet ASRS system has been scaled down to provide traditional methods. This storage and retrieval machine functions similarly to larger pallet handling systems: a fixed aisle, a crane traverses the aisle and retrieves and stores totes as needed. Other new ASRS systems tote bags use shuttles and even cranes. These have been called “people-to-things” systems.


What are the benefits of ASRS systems warehousing?

1.The biggest benefit provided by AS / RS systems in the warehouse is reduced space and labor use. Load handling tolerances are limited only by the uniformity of the pallet load stored in the system. The only fixed requirement is the need for a rack structure. The range can be single-deep, double-deep, or triple-deep with a fixed mast shuttle, or it can be a deep lane configuration with an automatic crane, which can drive off the crane.

2. ASRS systems can be either a stand-alone structure inside an existing building or it can be designed as a “rack support” structure in which the building wall panels and roof are connected to the outside of the rack structure, making the occupied space denser and possibly reducing The cost of the entire building Automatic Storage and Retrieval System This method is commonly used in refrigerated or freezer and large undeveloped warehouses.

3. Labor saving is the result of quantifying all load-handling movement labor transferred by the equipment. Keep in mind that this type of equipment is most cost-effective when working over multiple shifts. In many e-commerce applications, using a tote handling AS / RS system solution is the only way to match the speed of order fulfillment with real-time order demand.

4. Traditional forklifts and battery stacks increase capacity resistance, while ASRS system provides the same workload across all levels of storage systems. The ASRS system is self-operating, so there is no need for an operator during the entire equipment movement.

5. As an electrical device, no battery charging time or backup battery is required, so ASRS  system provides uninterrupted availability.

6. ASRS system is capable of moving standard and non-standard loads in uniformly sized volumes (containers, pallets, etc.).


Benefits of ASRS system for new factory supply chain management

1.ASRS system requires smaller islands of operations, and the system is very dense, minimizing footprint and maximizing storage capacity and density.

2. Automatic Storage and Retrieval System helps reduce costs by reducing the number of unnecessary parts and products in inventory.

3. ASRS system reduces labor input in operations, which reduces overall operating costs and improves safety.

4. AS / RS system helps to model and manage the logical representation of physical storage facilities. It can be seamlessly linked to order processing and logistics management to extract, pack, and ship products inside and outside the plant.

5. ASRS system generates data on load movements (tracking where a product is held in inventory, which suppliers the product came from, and when it was stored) to help companies better manage their inventory.

6. It improves the overall production efficiency of raw materials, packaged goods, and finished products, thereby eliminating the chance of production failure.


Fast and efficient Automatic Storage and Retrieval System can reduce cycle time and energy costs, but integrating AS / RS into a warehouse actually requires great care. If you are looking for a reliable supplier who can provide you with high quality and reasonable price products, Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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