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How does radio shuttle racking work?

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Under the modern market, intelligent storage racking will have very good development in the future. Radio radio shuttle rack is one of them. With the advancement of technology, customer demand for intelligent storage racking has begun to increase, and the market for traditional racking is gradually being replaced by intelligent radio shuttle rack. So how does the radio shuttle rack work? What are its advantages?

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What is a radio shuttle racking?

1.The radio shuttle racking is a racking system with high density storage, which includes racks and electric pallet slides for use with forklifts. Efficient storage solutions provide new options for maximizing warehouse capacity. Compared with other traditional storage methods, it proposes new concepts for loading pallets and storage space, making full use of warehouse space and flexibility. Product range of radio shuttle rack:

2. A large number of samples, such as food, beverages, chemicals, tobacco, etc.

3. Refrigeration function: reduce refrigeration time, improve work efficiency and role safety!

4. Term management: Warehouses with strict requirements for a batch of items need warehouses managed by first-in, first-out operations.

5. Increased storage capacity: Warehouses with limited storage space need to maximize space utilization

Advantages of the radio shuttle rack

The drive in the radio shuttle rack is a high-density warehouse system. It consists of a vertical frame, a tray guide, one-sided and double-sided arms, a top beam, a back beam, one-sided and double-sided row gaskets, a top brace, a guide rail, an upright protector, etc. When you need the most, use rack drives to get the most out of your storage space. The drives in the rack are FIFO storage systems. Warehouses that are usually best suited for shipping large quantities of products. The radio shuttle rack is a completely new idea and a storage revolution. It has the advantages of both rac and live rack drives. FIFO, LIFO can be easily implemented. The system consists of a forklift, a rack system and a shuttle. A forklift delivers the goods to the shuttle. The shuttle automatically brings the goods into the racking system to achieve the storage function. The radio shuttle can work continuously. As a result, overall efficiency has been improved. The shuttle can be charged more than 1,000 times.

Who are the users of the radio shuttle racking system?

1. Garment Industry Warehouse

2. Textile industry

3. Pharmaceutical industry warehouse

4. Footwear Industrial Warehouse

5. Logistics company

6. other

Typical uses of radio radio shuttle rack

1.Radio shuttle racking systems can change warehouse performance and capacity, especially in FILO and FIFO systems.

2. The ability to create storage channels for up to 100 pallets can profoundly change the potential storage capacity of any warehouse using a FILO or FIFO system. Once the pallet enters the racking system, the shuttle completes all the work, resulting in significant performance advantages due to reduced travel time and maintenance issues.

3. The radio shuttle racking system can also change the performance of the shipping area, which is usually a key performance indicator of the overall efficiency of the warehouse.

4. By incorporating a radio shuttle racking system, companies can minimize waiting and loading time by creating dedicated areas with pre-prepared pallets ready to be loaded onto trucks.

5. Learn how we can change picking time, increase safety and reduce inventory damage with the FILO radio shuttle

How does the radio shuttle rack work?

The working principle of the reciprocating rack is similar to the drives in the rack, mainly because the structure of the reciprocating rack is very similar to the drives in the rack. The difference is that radio shuttle racks are smarter, faster, safer, and more accurate than commodity drive racks. The shuttle is operated by a shuttle. The forklift places the goods on the shuttle, which then sends the goods to the bottom of the racking. The whole process is very safe and convenient. The space utilization and operating efficiency of shuttle rackings are very high, but because shuttles are required, similar to semi-automatic, the input cost of the rackings is relatively high. In order to facilitate the transportation of goods, the shuttle rackings are mainly suitable for a small amount of product storage and the operation of refrigerated rackings.

Radio shuttle rack allows you to maximize the full potential of your warehouse by dramatically increasing capacity, reducing operating costs, and increasing throughput, enabling you to truly maximize your warehouse space. It is also a solution that can bring huge benefits and attractive return on investment.If you are looking for a supplier of radio shuttle rack that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices, Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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