How to extend the Service Life of Storage Racking?

Nowadays there are many storage racking suppliers on the market. It is easy to judge the quality if you are in this industry. However, it is more important to use storage racking in right ways in order to prolong its service life. WAP will show you some good ways:

1. Paint regularly to reduce rust. Also, check regularly to see if any bolt loose and fix it in time. Make sure warehouse is well-ventilated to avoid excessive moisture.

2. Protect the goods from excessive exposure to sunlight. Keep wet goods away from storage racking.

3. Equip different kinds of storage racking with different kinds of protectors. Choose the best protectors according to rack depth, aisle width and goods type. Also install protectors at the aisle corners.

4. Weight of goods on the WAP pallet racking must within the loading capacity. Storage manager should better but weight limit marks on all kinds of storage racking. Put heavy goods on the bottom layer and light goods on upper layer.

5. Most warehouses with storage racking of heavy-duty are equipped with forklifts and stackers. Forklift and stackers must be operated by experienced drivers with working license.

6. Draw up storage racking using rules. Different warehouses and different kinds of goods should be used in different methods. Warehouse manager should draw up using rules which all workers in warehouse should obey to.

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