How to improve the safety for your storage rack?

Just image, in a busy warehouse, forklift running back and forth,constantly lifting products, it’s difficult to aviod a forklift operator crash a pallet racking. Occasionally forklift crash can’t affect integrity of a pallet rack system,thus the storage rack safety is easily be overlooked. But when the structure of storage racking is unstable or design is unreasonable, a forklift collision could trigger a warehouse disaster, make your equipment,staff etc at risk and the loss is impossible to be measured.

Rack collapse happens infrequently, but it can be extremely dangerous once happened. What should we aviod warehouse disaster at our warehouse? Fortunately, there are some ways for minimize the risk of pallet rack failure.

  • Install protective devices

    As the forklift constantly operates back and forth in warehouse, even well-trained forklift operators often bump into the upright. A lot of warehouses reduce the risk by adopt installation of bump protector, post protector or corner protector, prevent the forklift from directly crashing the rack.
    However, be careful when installing protective devices , some of devices will reduce the width of the channel.Make sure that the forklift still has room to operate when protective devices are in place.

  • Don’t overload your racks

    Different racking systems support a variety of load capacities. It is important to check these specifications before store your products. Especially careful when it comes to change the types of products or the type of pallets, as these changes could lead to overloading.If loading more products could damage the structure and eventually lead to collapse. All storage racks should display a loading sign showing load capacity of the pallet rack or the maximum weight it can carry.

  • Make sure loads are properly placed

    Depending on the size and depth of your pallet racks, there’s always a chance of pallets overhanging the edge of the racks.So the forklift operator training is very important for warehouse safety. Operators should be trained to position pallets properly on the storage rack. Make ensure that all products placed on the pallet are properly packaged and fixed  to keep all skids together and prevent product movement or damage.

  • Conduct regular rack inspections

    It is necessary to conduct regular inspections for warehouse rack safety. Look for whether the racks have any sign of leaning, sagging or twisting, baseplate is loose.
    Make sure each upright should be straight, not be bent. This is to ensure that all products are stored safely and even distribution of weight on the racking. It could prevent collapse and reduce the risk of accidents. Finding an external party conduct a more comprehensive inspection for your rack at least once a year, it’s better way for your warehouse.

  • Train your employees for rack safety

    Warehouse manager and safety staff should be trained on how to conduct a correct rack inspection.Forklifts are an integral part of safe and correct pallet usage, properly training forklift operators is particularly important, as most of rack damage is caused by forklifts hitting or bumping the structure, making sure your forklift operators understand the weight limits of their forklifts to aviod collision or damage of racks.

  • Selecting the right rack for your warehouse

    If you have ever built a warehouse or are planning to design an optimal solution for the warehouse, you must know that there are different types of storage racks available on the market. From selective pallet rack to high-density drive-in rack to automated warehouse. Industrial, food, cold storage,automotive industry and so on, every industry and application owns rack solution in place, selecting the right solution can save valuable space in your warehouse.Otherwise,if you select the wrong type of rack for your operation, you’re more likely to experience rack damage. The key factors when selecting a warehouse racking system include: product weight, size, turnover rate, handling method, accessibility needs, type of lift equipment and so on.

Perform proper analysis and design to determine what type of rack is best for your warehouse or work with experienced rack experts who can help you desgin the most suitable solution, carefully consider your workflow and warehouse enviorment and ensure the storage solution system meets your requirements.

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