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How to improve the storage efficiency of heavy pallet racking

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Heavy duty pallet rackings are welcomed by enterprises for their big loading, convenient transportation, free disassembly or assembly, and long service life. So how to use heavy duty pallet racking to better realize its functions?
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1. High-level heavy duty pallet racking can be divided into palle racking, drive in racking, push back racking, very narrow aisle pallet racking (VNA Pallet Racking) etc. according to different access modes. Choosing the right and suitable heavy-duty storage racking also requires matching pallets and forklifts.
2. Storage efficiency and storage capacity.
Many warehouses only pay attention to the issue of warehouse space utilization when installing rackings, but neglect the issue of cargo access rate. These two points are conflicting and irreconcilable. The warehouse can only take the most suitable position in the middle of the balance according to its owned needs.
3. Warehouse management system.
If the enterprise has sufficient funds, after purchasing the right shelves, the right size pallets, and the right type of forklifts, an advanced warehouse management system can also be set up so that the direction of each unit of goods in the warehouse and the status of each unit The system is clear, making warehouse management very convenient.
4. Load-bearing capacity of the warehouse ground.
The storage racking has its own load-bearing limit, and the warehouse floor also has its own load-bearing limit. When an enterprise chooses a warehouse location, it must know the ground load bearing value from the contractor of the warehouse project, otherwise the warehouse ground deformation or collapse may cause serious storage accidents.
Choose customized storage racking, matching the appropriate size pallets and forklifts, and use an advanced warehouse management system to combine the two organically, the warehouse can be organized and greatly improve the storage efficiency.
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