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How to install the heavy duty pallet racking safety in your warehouse?

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The safety of warehouse storage racking is top important from the design to last installation.In this article, we would make some introduction about the storage racks installation.The installation of heavy pallet racks is considered a complex work to the customers, but it is actually very easy if you follow some basic rules. So what tools do you need to install heavy pallet racks? What should we pay attention to during the installation of heavy pallet racks?

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What tools do you need to install heavy pallet rack?

1. tape measures  (metallic tape is perfect)

2. Chalk string

3. Hammer drill

4. adjustable wrench


How to install heavy pallet racks?

1.The most important thing to do first is to measure and mark correctly. To mark the floor, you will need chalk lines. Measure the distance from the back wall to the wall (taking into account the size of the tray and any light beams that may lean against the wall) as a general rule, if using a standard 1200 x 1200 tray, mark the distance as 400mm and drop it on the wall. Mark a few segments on the floor, and then draw a line with the chalk line to make it equal to the required rack length.

2. Now that you have the production line, you want the back of the tray bracket to start calculating the position of your first upright frame on time. Place the post on the production line and mark 2 points at the position where the bottom plate is to be fixed with electric bolts. The easiest way is to assemble the first bracket and then move it in or out of place. Use a heavy hammer drill to drill the concrete floor and make sure that the depth of the hole is greater than the length of the generator bolt. Place the first bracket in place and tighten the electric bolts to secure the frame. The first bracket is by far the most important bracket to be installed, and I cannot emphasize the importance of carefully examining all measurements.

3. With the second bracket, all you have to do is connect the beam and frame to the first bracket. Make sure it is flush with the chord line and mark the location of the next 2 dyna bolts. You will then need to move the end bracket away from the markings made for the dyna bolts and drill new holes. Remember to make sure that the hole you drill is deeper than the length of the electric bolt, otherwise you will not be able to tighten it properly on the base. Now that you have drilled the holes, you can move the frame back into place and secure the power bolts. You repeat this second phase until the required number of bays is installed. Now that your frame is in place, this is just a simple process of setting the beam to the desired level. Good pallet shelves will provide safety locking pins to lock the beams in place.


Considerations for installing heavy pallet racks

1.Horizontal shelves. With a teardrop tray shelf, the shelf is adjustable and can be mounted at different heights. It is important to keep the shelf level so that the tray does not slip off. Bolted to the floor. The upright supports of the racks are designed to be bolted to the floor to prevent them from tipping over or sliding when heavy objects are stacked.

2. Wire rack. The pallet will sit on a beam, which will bear the weight of the load. The wire rack can be placed between beams to increase the safety of supporting loads. The wire rack can help prevent items from falling between the beams.

3. Shelf spacing. Adequate spacing between the shelving units is important to allow forklifts and other machinery to travel.

4. weight restriction. Each shelf has a weight limit, and to ensure safety, it is important not to overload the shelf. Placing excessive weight on the shelf can cause the beam to bend and break.

5. Height restrictions. Stacking shelves too high can also pose a safety hazard. Observe the height limits specified by the manufacturer.


The correct installation of heavy pallet racks is critical to the integrity of the shelves and the safety of the warehouse workers. In addition to professional installation in accordance with the steps to ensure that the pallet racks are safe and reliable, it is also important to purchase standard heavy pallet racks.If you are looking for a supplier of heavy duty pallet racking that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices, WAP Intelligence Storage Equipment (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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