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How to realize high quality warehouse management ?

With the increasing complexity of warehousing operations and the increasing demand for warehousing in the market, if the quality of warehouse management is not high, it is impractical to rely solely on the dedicated work of the staff to improve the quality of warehouse management. It’s almost impossible for employees to keep an eye on something for 10 hours a day, or to keep the warehouse manager constantly reminding them to focus on something, and the result is getting worse. High quality warehouse management is the most necessary to the enterprise. If we want to have high quality warehouse management, we should have three important conditions.

Condition 1: Scientific and effective warehouse management system

A scientific, effective and good warehouse management system is the key to improve the quality of warehouse management, but enterprises cannot rely too much on employees, so it must use technology to solve the problem. By scanning the two-dimensional code to confirm the program is the best practice. In the warehouse process, there should be a procedure to scan addresses, product numbers, serial numbers, package numbers, shipping labels, and so forth. These functions are already equipped with a good warehouse management system, which requires management to decide which functions are needed to match their warehouses, and then configure them into each scanning process.

It is important to analyze the frequently occurring errors in the warehouse process and gradually switch to the scanning process. Remember, every scan will reduce efficiency. Finally, you must find a turning point in the cost of quality that is higher than the cost you will benefit from.

Condition 2: Efficient transportation management system

Efficient transportation management system is conducive to the stability of transportation and quality improvement. The warehouse management system is integrated with the transportation management system through an interface. When picking an order or the parcel, you first confirm in the warehouse management system, and then print out a shipping label, or you can choose to transfer the goods need to be sent to a special customer in packaging. These processes allow customers to understand clearly through the network interface so that customers can clearly understand the transaction process and track the package. Any mistakes in transit can easily be traced and found out who made the mistake. Losses due to false delivery will be greatly reduced. A freight forwarder can know the quantity, size, weight and the contents of the package from the electronic data file. With this good transportation management system, shippers and shippers can better connect, and also greatly reduce uncertainty.

Condition 3: Good leadership skills

Management leadership is very important, it concerns the smooth flow of warehouse process standardization, and management must ensure that everyone is executing. Management and employees must agree on how to run the warehouse process. Only in this way can the quality and efficiency be optimized. Once the standardized workflow is implemented, all employees must follow the process. Management also has the responsibility to follow the process. Often employees will find “faster” ways to execute processes, but they are often not an optimization process in terms of quality control. At this point, management must quickly block such behavior. At the same time, management is also responsible for keeping track of the obvious errors in the warehouse due to indifference and carelessness.

On the premise of ensuring the quality of warehouse management, how to improve work efficiency is the most important. Using science and technology is the only way. WAP storage shelf that efficient warehousing management quality is from these three aspects to reflect, never underestimate the quality of storage management is not high and caused by the loss. Such as picking errors, hand picking error needs to spend a lot of manpower cost management; on the other hand, commodity miscarriage, customer feedback and retain deliberately not misdirected goods, would cause a great loss. Transportation loss is also a major cost. The entry into force of the transport insurance is usually very strict with the shipping packing requirements. So, start with the details of the warehouse.

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