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Long Span Racking

Long Span Racking

Long span shelving is an outcome of adapting the needs of the customer Warehousing and order picking are continuously challenged by the large variety of products and the limited floor storage space available, what is hence designed to optimize storage options within minimum space, for all medium duty warehouse application.

Long span shelving is a storage system for manual picking of products that follow the “man-to-product” principle. It is designed for warehouses where goods are deposited and removed manually from shelves. This system also makes optimal use of warehouse height, as the higher levels can be accessed mechanically by devices that lift the operator to required height (stacker cranes or order picking forklift trucks) or via gangways located between shelves.


Long Span shelving, is also called Medium Duty Racking, Shelving, Medium Duty Racking, Medium Duty Racks. It is suitable for little boxes, cartons, plastic boxes by manual loading and picking storage, without forklift to save costs.


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Long span shelving is suitable for manual loading and picking storage systems, eliminating the need for auxiliary equipment such as forklifts, saving equipment costs.

•  Light weight & high bearing capacity structure with galvanized steal panels

•  Durable panels with good aesthetics

•  Modular production of standard panels of 300mm width for easy assembly & replacement 

•  Easy assembly with snap-connections of beams and uprights 

•  Variety of accessories 

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