Searching Products Solutions General Pallet Storage Projects

L’Oreal (China) Co., Ltd. Suzhou Branch

Project Scale:

Warehouse area: 14100m2
Rack height: 7.3m
Storage capacity: 8980Pallets
Number of aisles: 450
Storage temperature: Room temperature
Number of carrier & shuttle Cart: 5set


Project Description:

A world-famous cosmetic brand, mainly produces hair dyes, hair cosmetics and skin care products, favored by the beauties of the world. With an impressive product development background, a first-class pharmaceutical laboratory and dermatology center, and a global research and testing center, it continues to introduce high-quality products that meet the different needs of consumers around the world. The company is located in the ProLogisLogistics Park in Suzhou Company Park.


Customer Requirements: 

According to the company’s current development status, it is necessary to increase the storage capacity to improve the utilization of warehouse space, reduce manpower and material resources, improve warehouse picking, logistics loading efficiency, and directly enhancing corporate image.


WAP Solution: 

Dismantle the original ordinary heavy-duty racks, switch to high-density radio shuttle racking, increasing warehouse space utilization and operations convenience and safety, reducing the frequency of personnel accessing the racking aisles.