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Mezzanine Racking using in the warehouse

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Mezzanine racking is an excellent choice to increase the storage space and working space of warehouse facilities, so what are the uses of mezzanine racking? What are the different types of mezzanine racking?
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What is a mezzanine rack?

The warehouse mezzanine floor system is an elevated floor / platform installed between the floor and ceiling. In most cases, these steel structures are free-standing and can be disassembled and moved relatively easily. Industrial grade interlayers are usually composed of steel (carbon or stainless steel). The floor will vary depending on the specific application, but is usually made of steel (fences, metal floors, etc.), floors made of wooden products or B-type decorations. mezzanine racking can also be designed to accommodate concrete floor surfaces. The mezzanine racking system in the warehouse environment is an effective method that allows you to take advantage of the unused vertical space already in the facility, which can increase storage and / or working space. After the mezzanine structure is completed, the space below it can also be accessed and can be used for storage or other purposes. There are many types of interlayer metals to choose from, but steel structures are the most common in warehouses.
A big problem facing distribution centers and manufacturing plants is that you have more and more equipment. If your business involves production lines, or a lot of transportation and receipt, then storage space is critical. That being said-if you stay in the factory for a while, you know how daunting the challenge is to meet space requirements. Warehouse mezzanine racking is a convenient way to increase storage space. Also, don’t use it as a band-aid-you can add a lot of space in the mezzanine, which will allow you to store it in the current warehouse or distribution center for a longer period of time. Space is limited, and you may think that moving to a larger building or increasing current is your only option. Well, with the help of a mezzanine racking expert, you can design and customize the mezzanine for the warehouse without the rest of the hassle. Compared to transferring the entire business to another location or having to build on an existing facility, the cost of the system is pale.

What are the types of mezzanine racking?

1. Freestanding mezzanine. Free-standing mezzanine is a type commonly used to store products and extra parts. It is not a necessary part of the building, but it needs a floor that can accommodate staff and additional storage space. The free-standing injectors are very flexible and can accommodate pallet racks and shelving systems.
2. The construction column is connected to the mezzanine. This type of mezzanine depends on the existing building structure as a support. This means that if you decide to install a mezzanine connected to a building column, the facility must be designed to carry or support heavy objects. The mezzanine can also be fixed to the wall, and place the remaining columns on the floor.
3. The rack supports mezzanine. The sandwich tube supported by the rack is installed above or between the pallet racks. If you choose this type, make sure that the rack system can support the extra load. This is also more economical than the stand-alone mezzanine, because there is already an existing structure.
4. The shelf supports the mezzanine. If you need to store smaller items and products next to existing shelves, nail polish supported by the shelves is the ideal choice. You can also add more shelves to increase storage space, or install a deck above it to be used as a work area.

Benefits and uses of mezzanine racking

1.Increased storage space. One of the most common problems faced by warehouse owners and managers is the growth of their facilities. If you are engaged in manufacturing or have a lot of transportation and receiving activities, then sufficient storage space is essential. This is where the mezzanine metal in the warehouse comes in handy. If you need to add accessible and durable space to the warehouse, then they are the best choice. When installing the warehouse mezzanine, it can more easily meet the storage needs and product needs of the warehouse.
2. The ability to maintain the current position. Insufficient storage space is one of the most common problems faced by most warehouse facilities. If you need a cost-effective solution to increase storage space without moving into a new facility, consider installing a warehouse mezzanine racking. The use of warehouse mezzanine pipes eliminates the need to relocate to larger buildings or facilities. Even with space constraints, the mezzanine is still the best solution to the storage problem. Its application is very wide, you don’t need to worry about transferring your business to other places. If you urgently need additional storage space, the expansion of the building may also be attractive, but this is a more expensive option, not to mention the hassle of moving on.
3. Increase warehouse security. The warehouse is one of the most dangerous places. The product and heavy boxes are stacked on top of each other, and people operate the forklift and climb up the ladder. One way to monitor activities and pay close attention to what is happening in the facility is to consider adding mezzanines. The mezzanine floor not only provides additional work and storage space, it can also be an ideal starting point for viewing what is happening in the warehouse, thereby avoiding injuries and accidents.
4. Cost-effective solution. Another advantage of the warehouse mezzanine racking is that it is the cheapest option when you need additional storage space in the facility. Adding an extension or moving to a new building is very expensive. However, when you choose the mezzanine floor of the warehouse, you will enjoy its benefits while fully utilizing the investment.


The application range of the mezzanine rack is very wide. It is a flexible, usually painless and cost-effective solution to the storage problem. If you are looking for a supplier of mezzanine racking that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices, please contact us for enquiry.
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