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FOUR-WAY shuttle mover is a new kind of high density shuttle racking storage system, 4-WAY Shuttle Mover is an automatic handling device that runs in high density storage racking. It moves along the vertical direction and the horizontal direction of special shuttle racking rails. The vertical movement can be executed by a single shuttle mover, working with coordination of the lift for layer changing, it can greatly improve the automation of the system. It is a new generation of intelligent handling device for high density storage.

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  • Description of Four-WAY Shuttle Mover
    WAP Four-WAY Shuttle Mover is utilized in warehouse for palletized cargos automatically handling and transport as an inteeligent robot, it could take the pallets to any position of the shuttle racks according to the inbound or outbound orders from the system (WMS and WCS), usually it could move the pallets into the lifters for different levels. Specially, it could move different levels on low slopes of guide rails in some warehouse. WAP Four-WAY Shuttle Mover is a new storage device with integrate automated handling,vectoring and intelligent control technology.

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Four-way shuttle mover system is an intelligent robot which can fulfill task like goods picking, delivering and placing by programming. Communicating with upper control system or WMS system, the four-way shuttle can operated on both longitudinal and transverse rails. A four-way shuttle system is formed by combining climbing rails and vertical conveyors. It can also achieve automatic identification and intensive storage by uniting technologies of RFID, bar-code and etc.



  • Four directional driving, efficient roadway crossing, flexible operation, beyond space limitation and full use of space
  • Connected with warehouse control system by wireless network (WIFI), coordinate with the lift to reach any cargos location
  • Modularized and standardized system for 4-WAY Shuttle mover system, could achieve discrete transportation
  • Flexible layout and high density storage
  • Low system cost can be realized by using in conjunction with WAP soecial patented rails
  • Four way capability of reaching any specified goods positions by running on either longitudinal or transverse rails
  • Connecting operationpositions with rack mutually by direct reaching, reducing cost without secondary inbound and outbound movement
  • Full-auto, semi-auto intelligent controlling, increasing storage efficiency and space usage rate
  • Having light dead-weight, capacity of automatic balance adjustment and anti-rollover, and energy-saving advantage on environmental protection
  • Precise positioning and strong expansibility without space restriction

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Property of 4-WAY shuttle mover

  • Driving Speed: 1m/s – 1.5m/s
  • Max. loading: 1500Kgs
  • Working time: >8hours with full loading
  • Charging time: <1hour at charging piles.
  • working environment: -5℃ – +50℃ (Special cold type for -25℃)


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