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Push Back Racking is designed for improving storage density & operation efficiency. The pallets packing stored would be placed on carts, flowing with gravity when the front pallet is moved.

Push Back Pallet Racking provides highly effective use of space by combining high-density storage with high-speed access. The system offers safe and dense storage for 2, 3 and 4 pallet deep storage. Typically up to 5 pallets high.

Pallets are gravity fed via the front using conventional handling equipment and retrieved from the same aisle, so the pick face remains constantly full.

All lanes can be accessed from the aisle at any time irrespective of the storage level. This promotes a low damage environment as the fork trucks never enter the rack. Especially, Push back racking is suitable for cold storage improving the density.

Push back racking combines operation efficiency with high density storage. Front and back beams are connected by inclined rails with nested carts placed on top. When storing, pallets are placed on top of the front cart which will be pushed back by the next stored pallet exposing the next cart underneath. When extracting the outer pallet, the cart inside will automatically slide out due to gravity. Storage depth can be 2-4 pallets deep. Compared with selective racking, push-back racking increases storage space by 30%.



  • FILO
  • Large storage capacity and high efficiency space usage
  • Suitable for multi-variety, high-volume products
  • Suitable for dense cold storage


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