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The Radio Shuttle system has consistently provided clients unparalleled storage space utilization for an investment that is comparable to traditional racking systems. Working in conjunction with your existing lift truck fleet, Pallet Shuttle will provide unlimited flexibility in maximizing your warehouse storage space. Pallet shuttle is also known as Radio shuttle, Pallet runner, pallet mover and so on.

Pallet Runner in WAP company, has been certificated with CE standard by SGS several times, the main advantage for radio shuttle cart ( Pallet Runner ) will be special as below.

Radio Shuttle Cart - High Density Storage - 1
  • Load or pick for a single pallet
  • Load or pick for several pallets Continuously
  • Pallets switching
  • Manual Controlment for Moving, Rising or Falling etc.
  • Automatic Retrun caused by low battery
  • Counting the rest palllets in the racks
  • Inspection of Battery Volume
  • Inspection of Running time
Technology Specifications:

  • Max weight: 1500kgs/pallet
  • Running Speed without Pallet: 0.7-1.1m/s
  • Running Speed with Pallet: 0.6-1.0m/s
  • Power Supported: Lithium Battery
  • Rated Voltage: 26V DC
  • Working time: Over 8hours
  • Range of Remote Radio Controller: Max. 100m
  • Customized Request: Available
Advantage of Lithium Battery:

  • Longer using time, over 8hours in frozen room
  • Longer using life, could be charged over 1200times
  • Small self-Volume and weight
  • Safer and friendly environment protective
  • Pollution Free


  • Pallets for Pallet Runner in Radio Shuttle Racking

Radio Shuttle Cart - High Density Storage - 2


  • Benefits of WAP Pallet Shuttle:
  • Pallets can be stored to unlimited depths
  • A different SKU can be stored in each lane
  • Pallets are transported smoothly avoiding product damage
  • Increased storage within the same or smaller square footage
  • Suitable for ambient cooler and freezer applications
  • Increase operator productivity to 40 or more pallet moves an hour
  • The Pallet Shuttle  can be placed or moved into any lane by means of a fork lift or any other lifting equipment like electric stacker , reach truck etc. Once the Shuttle has been placed into the appropriate lane, the operator uses a radio transmitter to instruct the shuttle to perform the command given. The operator may drive away to retrieve or deliver another pallet while the Pallet Shuttle works on its own.
  • Pallet Shuttle is a self-contained unit powered by 26V Li-ion battery. One full charge will work for 8 hours at least .Customer can have another set of batteries in case he wishes to work continuously. Pallet shuttle can be used in temperatures as low as -30°C .
  • The Pallet Shuttle is designed to transport pallets being stored into the system, and retrieve the pallets as needed for shipment.

Radio Shuttle Cart - High Density Storage - 3

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