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Radio Shuttle Racking is a new concept on handling and compact storage of palletized loads. The system has a better utilization and flexibility compared to conventional warehousing. It also gives a higher handling capacity, more efficient in operation and a safer working environment for operators. Furthermore, it shorten the travelling  route and frequency of usage of forklifts as a  result the system is specially suitable for chilled warehouses and FMCG distribution centers.

General Descriptions
The Radio Shuttle Racking system consists of a pallet racking system which completed with numbers of lanes and rails. Palletized goods are stored on the rack system and are transported by a carrier – shuttle car. The radio-controlled shuttle car helps transporting the goods and stoving the pallets resulting in full utilization of each lane. Forklift trucks are just load and unload on the picking faces without the need to driving in. It reduces the risk of damage on racking structure and it provides a safer working environment. 70% of the handling process are automatically finished by the shuttle cars which reduce the forklift travel and make them available for other opeartion.

Range and Specifications
Depth of lane : Suggested 5 to 30 pallets in depth (70 pallets ever)
Load capacity : Max. 1,500kgs
General Standard Pallet sizes : 1200 x 800/1000/1100/1200mm, 1300x1100mm
Transfer speed : 0.6 – 0.9 m/s.
Batttery of shuttle : 26V/60Amh

  • Configuration of Radio Shuttle Racking System
    Radio Shuttle Racking System includes 3 required combined parts for working as Radio Shuttle Racks, Radio Shuttle Cart (Pallet Runner) and Forklift:
Radio Shuttle Racking - High Density Storage - 1+Radio Shuttle Racking - High Density Storage - 2+Radio Shuttle Racking - High Density Storage - 3
Radio Shuttle RacksShuttle Cart (Pallet Runner)Forklift


  • Storage working types
    Radio Shuttle racking system is a special made racking system for radio shuttle which based on the structure of drive in rack. Compared with drive in racking system, it is more stable and secure. The depth of the racking can be more than 30m to 60m which drive in racking system can be only around 20m. Depending on the warehouse structure, the shuttle racking system can be also support for FILO and FIFO, especially Seleted Picking with Tunnel, or Mixed Storage Design working.
    Radio Shuttle Cart, also called as Pallet Runner, Pallet mole, Pallet Shuttle, could provide clients with maximum flexibility in its set up. From traditional FIFO or LIFO, to high density case picking or an 80/20 configuration, Pallet Runner can accommodate multiple system designs.
Radio Shuttle Racking - High Density Storage - 4Radio Shuttle Racking - High Density Storage - 5Radio Shuttle Racking - High Density Storage - 6Radio Shuttle Racking - High Density Storage - 7
First In – First Out (FIFO)Last In – First Out (LIFO)Selected Picking with TunnelMixed Storage Design


  • Storage Working Principle of Radio Shuttle Racking System: 
    With a specific made guide rail, the Radio shuttle Cart (or called as Pallet Runner, Pallet mole ) can work on the storage rack system smoothly. The end stopper is for prevent shuttle to fall down when moving. Due to different kind of Radio shuttle, Radio shuttle racking system can be made which according to the customers’ requirements.
    Because the Radio shuttle racking system no longer need the forklift to pick up the goods inside of tunnel, but a shuttle instead, the tunnel of shuttle racking system can be designed smaller. Therefore optimizing the warehouse performance.


  • Advantages of the semiautomatic Radio Shuttle Racking system:

The main advantages of the WAP Radio Shuttle Racking system are its racking compaction capacity and the increase in productivity and safety in the warehouse.

  • The Pallet Shuttle system enables you to maximize floor space and height available by minimizing the operating aisles needed for trucks.
  • The WAP Radio Shuttle system allows for automatic control of inventory by using sensors to count the number of pallets stored.
  • Remote control and bar codes help better control the stock, drastically decreasing error margins.
  • Since forklift operators do not have to enter the aisles, maximum safety is guaranteed when handling pallets, avoiding collisions in the rack structure. This reduces maintenance costs as well as the number of issues from handling loads.
  • With the pallet shuttle system, stored pallets can be loaded and unloaded as FIFO or LIFO, even in freezing chambers up to -30ºC.
  • Optimization of space FIFO / LIFO
  • Enables a continuous handling flow, speeding up operations in the warehouse.
  • Constant handling flow
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery
  • Highly safe operation at low maintenance cost
  • RF controlled
  • Flexible storage for different types of pallets

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