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Radio Shuttle system can be used at many buffering area (e.g. incoming put-away, outbound despatch area, etc.) which benefit in better using the floor space, reducing the operating route and reducing the labor cost.

Radio Shuttle Tray Selection System - General Shuttle System - 1

Product Features:

  • Single-layer rack: live pallet racks are used for picking
  • Double/multi-layer rack: shuttle racks are used to store the replenishment sources for picking operation of single-layer racks
  • Picking channel can be set either on one side of the rack or in the center of rack to double the picking locations.


Product Properties: 

  • Running speed of shuttle cart: Max. 0.8m/s
  • Acceleration of shuttle cart: Max. 0.3m/s2
  • Max. Loading capacity: 1500kg
  • Power supply mode: Li-ion battery


Product Advantages:

  • Advanced design concept to simplify the picking and replenishing circulation and reduce the picking area
  • Reducing manual work intensity and picking error rate
  • Best configuration for pick-to-light picking
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