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Stacker Crane and radio shuttle rack system, utilizes the stacker crane to work as both: shuttle carrier and lift, thus achieving a highly efficient space usage solution, with the help of shuttles and conveyors under the control of WMS and WCS, all working together for fully automatic warehouse operation.

  • Product Features: 
    Stackers carry out the longitudinal and vertical handling while shuttles completing the lateral handling among the rack channels
    Conveying lines complete handling towards entrance/exit ports
    WMS and WCS control handling equipment to achieve fully automatic inbound and outbound operations
  • Product Properties of Stacker Crane: 
    Travel speed: Max. 160m/min
    Lifting speed: Max. 30m/min
    Loading capacity:  Max. 1500kg
  • Product Advantages: 
    More storage capacity than ordinary shuttle arrangement to improve warehouse utilization
    Fully automatic operation to improve system reliability and safety
    Balanced equipment utilization to reduce the total cost of warehouse investment & operation

Shuttle Crane Storage System - High Density Storage - 1


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