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Radio Shuttle Rack makes your warehouse space utilization much higher

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Radio shuttle rack is a kind of new storage solution for high density storage solution. This radio shuttle system consists of forklift, racking system and radio shuttle cart. Forklift takes the pallets onto the radio shuttle cart, the Radio Shuttle cart takes the palletized cargos into racking system automatically for storage function, Radio shuttle cart can work continuously so the whole work efficiency is enhanced. The battery of radio shuttle cart can be charged more than 1200 times.


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1. High density storage system, more than 80% of the warehouse space utilization.

2. Can fulfill both FIFO/LIFO access mode, more convenient than any other racking systems.

3. Forklift no enter into racking, Safer for forklift operator.

4. Turnover speed enhanced, work efficiency improved.

5. Electricity automated system, reduce energy consumption, save cost.

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