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Radio Shuttle Rack System

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Radio Shuttle rack system consists of three parts: Shuttle rack, battery driven shuttle car and forklift truck. The shuttle car is on the rail below the pallet. It can run on the pallet and store the goods on the pallet to the cargo location or remove it from the cargo location. The highest density of pallet cargo is stored, and the construction cost of warehouse is significantly reduced. At the same time, FIFO and FILO can be freely selected, remote control operation, no need to enter, high efficiency in import and export, the anti-earthquake safety performance is greatly higher than the drive in rack. Compare with the entry drive in rack, push back rack, gravity rack, the comprehensive cost is lower.

At the present stage, most industries have more and more dependence on the automation of logistics storage warehouses, the storage volume of the logistics warehouse, the frequent batches of goods and the increase of the variety of the goods, especially the fast developing fast consumer goods industry, the cold chain storage industry, the food and beverage industry, and the medicine, Tobacco and other industries, the demand for this is only high, based on the current market situation, comprehensive consideration, shuttle rack and stacking crane system is to meet all the above conditions of the shelf system, for all industries have a strong adaptability.

The Radio Shuttle rack system is a semi-automatic storage warehouse. The demand for manual coordination is very low. At the same time, we use the advanced stacker and shuttle car to communicate with each other. We will integrate the overall, transform the semi-automated Radio Shuttle rack system into automation system and make the whole warehouse automatic warehouse. To further reduce the number of aisles in the logistics warehouse, further use the height and depth of the logistics warehouse, increase the utilization of logistics warehouse, and reduce the overall cost effect of the system.


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