Radio shuttle rack with stacking crane system in WAP

Stacking crane is the main equipment in automated storage system. It can walk along the horizontal and vertical direction according to the computer instructions between the aisles. The radio shuttle can instead of the stacker fork to achieve the function of accessing goods.

  • Features

  1. Any goods of product allocation can be automatically access
  2. First in First out
  3. Management and scheduling through WMS and WCS software
  • Advantages

  1. The storage density is much higher than the ordinary stacker warehouse, and a stacker can be combined with multiple shuttles to improve the efficiency of the operation.
  2. Suitable for use in an environment where the storage density is very high and the efficiency is relatively low.
  3. It can increase the depth of the shuttle bus channel, reduce the number of stacker, and realize the intensive storage function.
  4. Low cost of comprehensive investment
  • Application

An industry with a large number of single goods and relatively few items such as food, beverage, chemical, and tobacco.

  • Electronic control system

1. System overview
The electronic control system mainly completes the control task of the conveying equipment in the automation logistics system. The upper and the upper part of the logistics system is connected to the upper computer and the dispatching computer, and the material delivery instructions are received. The device motor is connected down to realize the driving and conveying material detection and identification of the underlying equipment, and complete the process control and material tracking of material transportation. In addition, it also provides rich, visualized human-machine interface, safety protection measures and various operation modes, which assist workers in equipment operation and maintenance.

2. Main types of selection
The equipment selection includes field bus, field operation terminal, distributed IO, motor starting unit, bar code reader, low voltage electric, and detection device and so on.
The main control cabinet: power access and power distribution for electric control system, for the electrical equipment in the system (master car, robot, RGV, transportation equipment etc.) the distribution of power supply; the installation of PLC main controller, network components, control system, power distribution operation button, indicator light alarm lamp is the control center of the whole system.
Site control box: box configuration of distributed I/O module, inverter, contactor, air switches, local network components and power supply control device, complete the signal acquisition and control of field devices, and the main control cabinet PLC to establish a network connection, real-time communication.
Field operation terminal: complete the production status monitoring, single machine operation, fault alarm, alarm information inquiry, main process parameters and query and set up of logistics information. The graphic page displays the objects monitored according to the layout of the system, and combines the three-dimensional graphics and two-dimensional graphics. The graphic interface is beautiful and easy to operate.

The network component is mainly composed of switches, special cable, PROFINET special joint, the system’s main control cabinet, control box, field operation terminal, a shuttle car, shuttle car, mother barcode reader physical connection, build a data channel.

3. Mobile operation terminal
Nowadays, artificial intelligence has been paid more and more attention in the field of automation logistics, and has been applied in robot, control system and simulation system. Based on Android system development, mobile terminal APP, which has functions of device operation, fault inquiry, transportation task query and abnormal reset, has greatly improved the convenience and safety of device operation and maintenance. The operator can download the latest version at any time through the wireless 4G, carry it with you, and operate the device near it.


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