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Radio Shuttle Racking for high density pallet storage

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WAP’s Radio Shuttle Racking is the semi-automated system used in conjunction with forklifts and best fits for deep storage of low-mix high-volume items. The radio shuttle racking system consists of storage racks with lanes, battery-powered radio shuttle carts, and battery chargers. Forklift driver places the radio shuttle cart at the necessary lane before selecting an operation mode by remote controller. The number of shuttle carts can be adjusted to match throughput. The Radio Shuttle Rack’s simple configuration makes it easy to add more shuttle carts and racks after installation.
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  • Space-efficient:2~3 times more storage capacity than normal fixed racks with identical footprint.
  • Conserves energy:Radio Shuttle carts are equipped with batteries that regenerate energy during deceleration and can operate up to eight hours on a single charge.
  • Easy operation: Over 10 operation modes to meet a variety of handling needs. User-friendly, remote-control management.
  • Different storage mode:Layout makes it easy to manage products according to FIFO or LIFO order.
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