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Radio Shuttle Racking makes implementation Of High Density Storage System

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In dense storage system, rack is the most important component. The initial intensive storage system mainly refers to all kinds of rack forms, including drive in rack, push back rack, gravity rack, mobile rack and so on. In addition, some people also regard ASRS as an implementation of intensive storage. However, it should be pointed out that ASRS is mainly aimed at improving space utilization, which is essentially different from the various rack-type intensive storage methods mentioned above.

The Radio Shuttle Racking system integrates the characteristics of various racks. It not only has the intensive characteristics of the drive in rack, but also can realize the need of automation control. For forklift, the requirement is relatively low and the storage density is higher than that of gravity racks. The FIFO or FILO functions can be flexibly selected according to the actual situation. And because of the automation of cargo transportation, it is very suitable for cold storage and other extreme condition warehouses, in order to reduce personnel activities, improve staff efficiency and operational safety. Radio Shuttle Racking has higher cost than general rack because of the installation of automatic control trolley, and its accuracy and maintenance also have relatively high requirements.

Compared with other dense storage systems, Radio Shuttle Racking system and ASRS are characterized by the application of shuttle cart. Shuttle car is an intelligent robot working on the rail. It can realize the tasks of storage, inventory and placement under the control of the system. It can communicate with the host computer or WMS system or control through the handheld terminal. It can realize the functions of automatic identification and access by combining the technology of RFID and bar code.

Radio Shuttle Racking system is composed of shuttle car, rack and high precision guide rail and management software. Its working principle is that by setting shuttle guide rail in the depth direction of the rack, only goods need to be placed at the front end of the guide rail when stocking, and the wireless remote control shuttle car on the guide rail will automatically carry the pallet on the guide rail and place it. In the deepest part of the guide rail, the shuttle car will place the pallet goods at the front of the guide rail when picking up the goods, and the forklift car can take them away. Radio Shuttle Racking system can realize both FIFO and FILO. The working principle of the system is similar to that of the traditional drive in rack, but it is not limited to the depth of the aisle. Its space effective utilization rate can be increased to 90% at most, and the site utilization rate can also reach more than 60%, which can achieve the maximum loading density per unit area.

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