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Radio Shuttle Racking System In WAP

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Radio Shuttle Rack
Radio shuttle rack is a kind of new storage solution. Automatic storage system makes it becomes the most popular racking system in the world. More and more people choose radio shuttle rack nowadays. Why?
The best advantages of radio shuttle rack:
  • High density storage system, more than 80% of the warehouse space utilization.
  • Can fulfil bothFIFO/LIFO access mode, more convenient than any other racking system.
  • Forklift no enters into racking, safer for forklift operator.
  • Electricity automated system, reduce energy consumption, save cost.
  • WAP is a professional radio shuttle rack manufacturer and provider. We’re experienced on such projects in China and Foreign areas since 2009 Years.
Brand new remote controller
  • New design, simple code, visualized oprations.
  • One touch on according button for any function.
  • Mini computer in controller, can set all kinds of function on it
  • Alarm ring on Radio shuttle cart, alarm reason code show on LED, easy to fix
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