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Radio Shuttle Racks System in WAP

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Radio Shuttle Racks System is a ideal storage solution for companies with high volume of pallets per item and intensive loading and unloading activity.

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The Radio Shuttle Racks System is perfect to store high-density palletized references and mass storage products.Using a Radio Shuttle Racks System considerably reduces the maneuvering times for each operation and optimizes the available storage capacity. This is a very compact systems solution.

This Radio Shuttle Racks System uses remote controled shuttle platforms, moving independently in the rack itself, meaning that Material Handling Machines are not supposed to enter the warehouse storage lanes.

The Material Handling Machines (called as radio shuttle cart, pallet runner) unload the pallets on the top of the Radio Shuttle platform. The radio controled shuttle platform moves along the racks to deposit the load on the correct position. Several sensors accurately control the Radio Shuttle platform.

The Material Handling Machine operator easily gives the orders for all entry and exit movements using a remote control device.

Since there are no forklifts in the lane and thanks to the structure’s construction, The Radio Shuttle System is very secure with reduced risk of accidents. Another advantage of the Storage System is that there are less damages on the metal structure since the Material Handling Machines doesn’t reach the racks.



  • Pallet loading and unloading times are reduced;
  • Larger number of stored references;
  • Larger number of pallets in depth;
  • More storage capacity;
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