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Radio Shuttle Tray Selection System
Radio Shuttle Tray Selection System
Radio Shuttle Tray Selection System
Radio Shuttle Tray Selection System

Radio Shuttle Tray Selection System

Radio shuttle system can be used at many buffering area (e.g. incoming put-away, outbound dispatch area, etc.) which benefit in better using the floor space, reducing the operating route and reducing the labor cost.

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Product Features:

  • Single-layer rack: live pallet racks are used for picking
  • Double/multi-layer rack: shuttle racks are used to store the replenishment sources for picking operation of single-layer racks
  • Picking channel can be set either on one side of the rack or in the center of rack to double the picking locations.

Product Properties: 

  • Running speed of shuttle cart: Max. 0.8m/s
  • Acceleration of shuttle cart: Max. 0.3m/s2
  • Max. Loading capacity: 1500kg
  • Power supply mode: Li-ion battery

Product Advantages:

  • Advanced design concept to simplify the picking and replenishing circulation and reduce the picking area
  • Reducing manual work intensity and picking error rate
  • Best configuration for pick-to-light picking

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