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Research & Development Strength

Research & Development Strength -  - 1  
Research & Development Strength -  - 2
Research & development Strength
  • In order to strengthen product R&D and structural technology, WAP and Tong Ji University work side by side to conduct research on racking steel structure.
  • The test workshop covers an area of 500m2, mainly for testing and industrialization of new products and new technologies.
  • Having a full technical development team, engaged in professional structural optimization, product innovation design, racking structural analysis, anti-seismic structure design, and actively developing advanced products in line with market demand.
  • SAP2000 finite element structure optimization software
  • High-precision rack testing platform
    Various destructive testing platforms
  • System efficiency optimization simulation software
Research & Development Strength -  - 3
Product development facilities (3D & PLM)
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