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Selective pallet racking’s salient features

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Selective pallet racks are widely used in warehouse storage. What are the characteristics of heavy duty pallet racks that make it stand out from other similar products? How should we choose the pallet racking for the storage?
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What are the main characteristics of heavy pallet racks?

1.The weight of a single towed cargo on a heavier pallet rack is usually less than 2000 kg. Many large companies manufacture heavy pallet racks that exceed 10 meters in height. This high-end Heavy-duty pallet rack needs to be optimized and optimized in terms of span, depth, and spacing to ensure stable, efficient installation and use.

2. The pallet rack is one of the easy-to-use storage racks. rackings are made for storing goods. In many cases, centralized storage is required and pallets must be used. The heavy pallet rack can be used alone, but it is usually used in the combination of the main frame and the sub-frame. The height of the equidistant pitch on the column can be adjusted to expand the inventory space. This structure is also called an adjustable pallet rack.

3. Pallet racks and heavy pallet racks are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, and are suitable for a variety of small-volume items as well as a variety of large-volume items.


What is the role of heavy pallet shelves in warehouse shelves?

Heavy duty pallet rackings in warehouse rackings are mainly composed of beams and columns. They are suitable for most warehouses and items. They have good picking efficiency and can store heavier items, but the storage density is low and the warehouse utilization is not high. However, [warehouse rackings] medium and heavy pallet rackings have evolved and evolved, and several varieties have been derived: heavy beam rackings, narrow aisle rackings, double depth rackings, heavy mold rackings, shuttle rackings and gravity-type rackings.

Let’s talk about the characteristics of the Heavy-duty pallet rack derivative products in [warehouse rackings]: Heavy beam racks: They belong to pallet racks. Heavy beam racks are one of the most widely used storage racks. Enterprise warehouse. The main body is composed of beams and columns, the structure is simple and clear, and the number of layers is large, which can be arbitrarily combined and convenient for assembly and disassembly. Among them, according to the size of the aisle, heavy beam racks also produced heavy narrow aisle rackings; according to the size of the cargo space, a heavy double deep rack was obtained. Compared with ordinary heavy beam racks, heavy narrow aisle racks and heavy double deep racks save warehouse space and increase warehouse space utilization. Quantity of goods and increase the utilization of warehouse space. However, it requires a dedicated forklift-three-way stacker. Double deep cargo: Because it is designed to be stored in parallel with two rows of rackings, it doubles the storage of ordinary beam rackings, and it is also equipped with a special scissors forklift. Heavy mold racks: The factory uses mold racks (also called drawer racks) to store molds, and each floor can carry 2-3 tons. The top can be equipped with a mobile hoist (manual or electric) for lifting, and is divided into light mold racks and heavy mold racks according to their load carrying capacity.


Do you know how to buy heavy pallet racking properly?

1.Quality of heavy pallet rackings. This is an important aspect that must be considered when buying any product. For the quality of heavy pallet racks, we can look at the surface treatment of heavy pallet racks, whether the surface is smooth, flat, consistent in color, and the welding process of the rack. This is very important for good identification, just check for welding gaps, etc. In addition, it is the material of the rack, and there is no uniform standard for the material of the rack.

2. The safety performance of heavy pallet racks should be able to grasp the safety of the rackings. The load and structure of heavy pallet racks are also different. When selecting, you must choose the safest rack according to your actual needs.

3. Consider the diversity of goods. Different goods need to choose different types of heavy pallet racks. For example, some goods need to be hung and accessories need to be on the rackings, such as hooks.

4. Price and quality should be directly proportional. Buying heavy pallet rackings is not cheap. The quality and safety of the rackings must be considered first. Learn to consider long-term interests and choose high quality and high price rackings.

Heavy duty pallet racks have a variety of storage advantages. In addition to knowing how to use the racks properly to prevent damage to parts, you should also choose products that meet quality standards.
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