Installation Team


Installation Team

· WAP has 14 professional installation teams, ensure personnels allocation;

· All the operators received standard process training;

· Strictly manage site safety, installation procedure, and project quolity.


On-site supervision and management

Operation with work permits for all employees

Promotion of safety precautions

Inspection of safety equipment and instrument

Safe Construction Management


High-attitude work

Operation with work permits

Complete safety measures

Compliance with safety codes

1. Laying safety net for rack construction 

2. Wearing safety harness when climbing racks

3. On-site safety warning signs

Construction quality management & supervision


Construction Quality Management & Supervision


Operation with work permits

Statement of Work (SOW)

Internal training by foreman

Inspection & supervision by project manager

1. Technical disclosure and quality awareness training

2. Guarantee of installation accuracy 

3. Guarantee of measuring accuracy 

4. Marking of checked bolts