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  • Project Scale:

Warehouse Area: 10,000m2
Storage Capacity: 20,000T
WAP Products: Shuttle rack, cantilever-type double deep rack, pallet rack, drive-in rack, steel platform, etc.


  • Project Overview:

Shanghai Hengfu Logistic Co., Ltd. is a third-party logistics service provider specializing in cold chain logistics. It is a joint venture company invested by one of the top five American venture capital firms, VantagePoint Venture Partners. Hengfu aims to take the lead in transformation of cold chain logistics industry in China.

WAP started the cooperation with Hengfu in 2008 to launch the first project in Shanghai. 10 years of strategic cooperation have been witnessed ever since.


  • Customer Requirements:

Storage equipment design needs to balance both storage and picking functions. Storage capacity is as important as picking convenience.


  • WAP Solution:

This project ultimately chose to apply different storage devices in different functional divisions. The back pull rods were shared for space saving, and the back stopper beam protrusion was matched with the goods protrusion and sufficient space was reserved. In addition, floor pillars were used as non-standard pillars to be aligned with the H shaped beam’s upper column holes, which solved the storage problem in a perfect way.

The customer’s understanding of different rack systems from utilization and customization accelerated the smooth operation during schematic design phase. After the project was put into operation, the utilization rate of storage capacity peaked to 95%, which is extremely rare in third-party logistics enterprises. However, this is mainly attributed to the professional O&M team of Hengfu Logistics.