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Shuttle Carrier Storage System in WAP

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Shuttle carrier system rack is an intensive storage solution that offers intelligent storage by adding shuttle carrier rails on shuttle carrier system. It has good system stability with 20%-40% higher efficiency on the space usage than normal ASRS warehouse. It is suitable for pallet goods storage.

Product Features: 

  • Carrier and radio shuttles cooperate to carry out the longitudinal and lateral handling in the warehouse
  • Lifts conduct vertical handling while conveying lines complete handling towards entrance/exit ports
  • WMS and WCS control handling equipment to achieve fully automatic inbound and outbound operations.
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Product Properties: 
Max. travel speed of shuttle carrier: 2m/s
Max. acceleration of shuttle carrier: 0.8 m/s2
Max. capacity of shuttle carrier: 1500kg
Power supply mode: AV

Product Advantages:

  • Substantial increase of warehousing efficiency, optimization of warehouse inventory and warehousing paths, and improvement of warehouse utilization
  • Significant reduction of operation error rate to ensure safety of workers
  • Automatic charging of radio shuttles reduces manual workload


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