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Shuttle Carrier System Solutions In WAP

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Shuttle carrier system is composed of radio shuttle cart, shuttle carrier, lifter, conveyor, management system and other core equipments, the shuttle carrier can work in different layers through lifter. This solution is a fully automated intensive storage system, which responsible for transportaton, storage and management of pallet cargo. Dispatching and monitoring of hardware by WMS combine with communication between ECS, and exchanging data with data layer through WMS help our customer integrate management of system data, authority, task, report form, log, etc..

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1.Pallet lifter
2.Picking position
3.Shuttle carrier rail and power supply
4.shuttle carrier
5.shuttle racking
6.pallet conveyor
7.shuttle charging station
8.radio shuttle cart

The automated shuttle carrier system is a perfect combination of warehouse high density storage and automation systems, an optimal choice for fully automated storage of bulk standard pallets.The system is equipped with radio shuttle and shuttle carrier on each rack level to facilitate storage and retrieval functions. Pallet can be transferred to different rack levels through pallet lifter. The system has the advantages of high efficiency, simple control mode, and is suitable for storage projects of less than 4-5 layers depending on pallet height.

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