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Some caution points for drive in racking

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Drive in Racking System, also called drive in pallet racking, is a high density storage solution that maximizes available space and height in the warehouse by reducing the forklift operating aisles.If you are going to invest in drive in racks in your warehouse, there are many points to consider, such as what are the advantages of drive in racks? What circumstances are suitable for consumers with drive in racking? What would you pay attention to when using the drive in rack?

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What are the advantages of drive in racking?

1.One of the most important jobs in any warehouse is to keep your inventory on top and use your available space efficiently. Creating drives in the warehouse allows you to take full advantage of footprint when storing products vertically. This maximizes space without having to look for more space on the ground. Cargo can be packed more densely and pallets and items can be retrieved or placed more easily during loading and unloading.

2. Installing the drive in racking system will also help reduce the number of damaged goods you encounter in the warehouse. This is because modern systems now rely on heavy duty frames that have multiple horizontal and multiple position pallets in the structure. The actuators in the rack system are more durable than previous models, and the properly installed equipment can withstand less impact and forklift impacts.

3. Because drive in racking systems make better use of space than other types of storage systems, they help create faster workflows, throughput, and final order fulfillment. Since goods can be moved back and forth throughout the process without any delay, continuous restocking and packaging of outstanding orders provides a platform to reduce lead times and improve customer satisfaction.


What do you need to know before investing in drive in racking systems?

1.When choosing a drive in rack system, consider whether the purpose of the warehouse is to provide maximum storage capacity or to improve efficiency. Keeping an eye on the goal will enable you to design rack systems to better utilize space or run efficiently. In general, if you want to provide long-term storage for your customers, you want to focus on space utilization.

2. The size of the warehouse determines the daily output. However, maximize efficiency by considering how many forklifts you plan to use at the same time. When choosing, planning the traffic route allows you to avoid warehouse conflicts and enhance security. Pay attention to warehouse layout and pay particular attention to aisles, doors and tunnels when selecting drive-in racking systems.

3. When looking for a drive in rack system, consider the design and security of the rack system. While most frame construction is made of sturdy materials, some manufacturers offer an aesthetic that lacks strength. Do your research and do your due diligence, and only select the manufacturer that provides greater security for the product.

4. In the design phase, attention must be paid to the crane to be used. The lift is crucial because it determines how much freight to carry each day. If you have an existing crane, it is especially important to consider the crane you want to use. Ideally, its specific measurements should be considered when designing.

5. When selecting, please note the specific size of the warehouse. Pay special attention to the area accessibility factors in the width, height, and elevation of the rack to be used. As a general rule for selecting the area to stack, add 12 inches to the top and sides to allow forklift use.

6. Finally, think about the budget and set a predetermined number and work on it. Because it affects storage space and design, always consider the goals of the warehouse. If your budget is limited, choose an embedded rack-type system that gives you the best efficiency and storage space, and allows for future expansion.


When should the drive in rack be used?

1. If your products require refrigerated/refrigerated storage.

2. If you have a large number of similar products and limited space, an internal drive rack may be your best choice for storage.

3. If your product load is fragile, it cannot be stored in the block stack.

4. If you have a large number of pallets for similar products, drive in racking makes more efficient use of space in the warehouse than alternative types of shelving, where there is space between many aisles for forklifts.


Notes on drive in rack

1. When you install the drive in racking system that goes through the rack, you also rely on a forklift to move the pallets in and out of position. If you already have one or two, there is no guarantee that it matches a pallet-rack-sized drive. In order for the forklift to work successfully with the system, the width usually needs to be narrower. Of course, you will be aware of this when researching the system to invest in, so be sure to check the current forklift specifications before submitting.

2. Another disadvantage when using a drive in racking is that it relies on a LIFO (last in, first out) rotation method. This means that new, fresh products must be positioned at the front of the rack before old ones. This can lead to old products being left unused and wasted. This is something to watch out for, and more attention needs to be paid to inventory turnover, especially in warehouses with fixed periods for use by date.

Whether buying drive in rackings is a wise decision depends on your specific needs, and while drive in rackings have many advantages, there are a number of things that require extra attention when using them. Before investing in drive in racks, make sure you choose a qualified rack vendor. If you are looking for a supplier of drive in racking that can provide you with high quality products at reasonable prices, Wap Intelligence Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. will be a wise choice.

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