Some misunderstandings of automation transformation

ASRS is the most intensive and intelligent storage mode nowadays. The utilization rate of ASRS is 3-5 times that of conventional warehouse. In the storage process, scheduling, monitoring, management and other operation items can be realized through WMS, and even automatic operation can be achieved.

  • The characteristics of ASRS

1. Improve the utilization rate of warehouse space: ASRS height is about 20 meters, storage capacity is 3-5 times of general warehouse, greatly improving the utilization rate of space.
2. Improve the level of enterprise storage management: now the conventional management of flat storage is generally dependent on manpower, and the automated warehouse can fully rely on a complete set of warehousing management system to realize the monitoring, scheduling and management of the warehouse.
3. Improve warehouse turnover rate, reduce error rate, reduce labor intensity.
4. It can effectively reduce unnecessary expenses for warehouse management and increase the benefit of enterprises.

  • Misunderstanding of automation transformation

1. Any warehouse can be transformed into ASRS: in the upsurge of automation and intelligence, many enterprises have started to transform into automation and intelligence, but not any warehouse can be transformed into ASRS. If the height of the warehouse is not very high, it can be transformed into ASRS and cannot be stored in dense storage.
2. The construction of ASRS can be automated and intelligent. Automation and intellectualization require a complete supply chain. ASRS can only automate and intelligentize the management of its own storage. It is not to say that the enterprise has realized the intelligent manufacturing after the construction of the ASRS.
3. Industrial robots can be used directly: ASRS will use a robot, transmission line and other related auxiliary equipment, but the auxiliary equipment is not bought back directly to use, the need to have a whole control system.
4. ASRS has no limit storage: ASRS also has a storage limit, and not some people imagine that there is no limit storage, when the storage capacity reaches a certain peak, the overall operational efficiency will also be reduced.

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