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Some Types Of Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

1. Civil built cold storage. At present, the large-scale cold storage built in China is basically civil-style cold storage. The building is usually multi-storey, reinforced concrete structure. The cold storage is assembled with PU sandwich cold storage plate inside the structure or sprayed around by PU.

2. Fabricated cold storage. In the past few years, the assembled cold storage is generally used in small-scale assembled cold storage in China. In recent years, with the wide use of steel structure in many large-scale buildings, large-scale steel structure assembled cold storage is also being built in succession. Large-scale steel cold storage column network has large span, smaller columns and shorter construction period, which is more suitable for the planning of internal logistics facilities, such as rack layout, terminal equipment planning, internal logistics line planning.

3. With the wide use of racks in logistics centers, a large number of automatic refrigeration stores and multi-storey high-level rack refrigeration stores have been constructed with rack-in-one structure. At the same time, PU sandwich warehouse plates are assembled outside the steel structure in non-rack areas to complete the outdoor cold storage. The integrated structure of warehouse and rack can maximize the stock per unit area and smooth the flow of logistics because there is no network of columns in the logistics center. At present, due to the high level of construction, engineering details and accuracy requirements, this kind of structure is less used in cold storage construction in China.

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