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Steel Platform
Steel Platform
Steel Platform
Steel Platform

Steel Platform

Steel platform uses uprights as main structure support, with beams as floor support. Thus dividing the storage space into a unique 2~3-storage racking system. Each floor can serve as storage or office space.

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Steel platform is constructed by poles & beams with steel planks, separating the storage space into 2-3 tires.

Steel Platform, also called Steel Platform Racking, multi-tier racking, is extensively used in the condition of high warehouse,small goods,large quantities and manual can make full of the space and save warehouse could be designed as single or multiple mezzanine,generally 2-3 layers,according to the actual field and special is specifically used for sorting storage of automotive fittings,electronic device fittings and electronic devices. It could carry less than 500kgs-1000kgs per layer.the general ways of transportation from 2nd floor to 3rd floor are:manual, elevating table, hoisting machine,conveyor belt,and forklift truck,etc.

  • Good structure and stability
  • The main components are connected by high-strength bolts, eliminating the need for on-site welding
  • Good variety of components
  • Usually can be designed to be a 2~3-store structure, with stairs, cargo lifts, etc.

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