Structural Composition Of Rail Narrow-Aside Stacker

Stacker is composed of rack, operating room, lifting device, operating device, loading platform, access device, electrical device, safety protection device and safety label.

1. Warehouse Storage Rack
The rack is composed of uprights and beams.
The upright components are composed of an upright, a chain support plate and a mechanical block. The upright include upper, lower flanges and guide rail. Welding the box structure with I-steel and steel plate. Use cold drawn flat steel as lifting guide. Good abrasion resistance. Bending resistance and torsion strength are large. The upper beam member is composed of an upper beam, an upper guide wheel bracket, an upper guide wheel and a pulley block. The lower beam member consists of a lower beam and a polyurethane buffer. The upper and lower beam components are connected with the uprights through high strength bolts through flanges. Make the whole frame firm and strong.

2. Operation room
The operating room is mounted on the loading platform. There are electric cabinets, lights and seats in the room. The operating room moves through the guiding device relative to the loading platform. The operator can see the cargos very clearly to reduce the error rate.

3. Lifting device
The lifting device can be composed of an electric motor, a brake, a retarder, a chain wheel or a flexible part. Commonly used flexible parts are wire rope and lifting chain. It is light in weight, low in noise and safe to use wire rope as flexible part, and compact in structure when using lifting chain as flexible part. The commonly used decelerator on stacker is worm gear reducer and planetary gear reducer. The lifting speed should be low. It is mainly used for stationary stopping and taking. When cargos are loaded, the cargo fork and the loading platform move up and down very short distances.

4. Operation device
Commonly used operating devices are ground walking type of ground support type, upper walking type of suspension type and rack support type. On the ground, 2-4 wheels are used to operate on the ground monorail or double tracks. A guide wheel is arranged at the top of the column. The upper traveling type adopts 4 or 8 wheels to hang under the lower flange of the lower chord of the roof truss. There is a horizontal guide wheel in the lower part. The upper part of the rack has 4 wheels. Walk along two guide rails at the top of both sides of the roadway. There is also a horizontal guide wheel in the lower part.

5. Loading platform
The loading platform is the loading device of goods. No cargo storage device is installed on the loading platform. Only containers are placed, and there are devices for storing on the general stacker. The loading platform is composed of a guide wheel frame, a loading platform, a guide seat, a supporting wheel device and a pulley block. The upper part has access device, operation room, lifting and addressing device and lifting main side guide wheel. Rope breaking device and cargo location ectopic detection device.

6. Access device
The access device is an executive mechanism for stacker to access goods and install on the loading platform. The cargo access device adopts three grade linear differential expansion forks. It is composed of upper fork, middle fork, lower fork and needle roller bearing which play a guiding role to reduce the width of aisle and make it have enough telescopic strokes. Compact structure and the weight is light. And the clutch is installed at the rotor end of the motor output. It prevents the fork and the motor from being jammed or prevented when the fork is telescopic. The fork is fully extended. Its length is usually more than two times the original one. The fork travel is controlled by the stroke switch.

7. Electrical device
The electric device is composed of an electric drive device and an automatic control device. The stacker is usually driven by AC motors. If the speed requirements are higher, it is driven by DC motor. The control device has three control modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Automatic control includes two ways, namely, on board control and remote control.

8. Safety protection device
The roadway stacker is running at high speed in two high and narrow tunnels, in order to ensure the safety of the body and equipment. Hardware and software security devices must be provided. Such as the travel limit device of each mechanism, descending over speed protection device, hoisting overload protection device, broken rope protection device and power failure protection device. The function of hoisting overload protection device is when the load on the loading platform exceeds the maximum or minimum allowable value. The spring in the adjusting device of the wire rope produces different stroke. The power supply circuit of the lifting device is cut off. Stop the device in time. The rope breaking safety protection device is composed of a screw, a compression spring, a left and right safety clamp and a connecting rod mechanism.

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