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Suzhou Opple Lighting Co., Ltd.

Project Scale: 

Warehouse Area: Approx. 1,833 ㎡ for racks
Rack Height: 10.85m
Storage Capacity: 4,018 pallets
Channels: 3
Storage Temperature: Normal temperature
Stacker: 3
Radio Shuttle: 3
Conveyor: 42


Project Overview: 

As the integrated lighting solution provider in China’s lighting industry, Opple Lighting is dedicated not only to the rational use of light for development of considerate products, but also to providing consumers with differentiated integrated lighting solutions and other professional supporting services to enhance user experience.


Customer Requirements: 

The company wishes to solve the problems including large warehouse area, low delivery efficiency, and high warehouse management cost, reduce the operation error rate, improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics information transmission, and improve the automation degree for the promotion of corporate image.


WAP Solution:

In response to the requirements for Opple Lighting project, WAP launched a stacker shuttle system solution based on the analysis of logistics efficiency data, statistics on storage product categories, and real-time survey of sorting and logistics operations in the warehouse. From the aspects of improving warehouse space utilization to increase capacity, replacing advanced logistics equipment with manual to improve work efficiency, etc., the system has effectively solve problems such as large land area, low delivery efficiency, high management cost, and frequent operational errors. Accurate, real-time and efficient information management provides traceability for customer information tracking. The entire system mainly consists of batch-managed shuttle racks, efficient and stable stackers, radio shuttles and conveying equipment, custom-developed warehouse management and control system. The system is also supplemented by auxiliary equipment like wireless network and system hardware.