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Some important points of High Rackings in WAP

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High rackings are usually more than 5 meters in height, usually mechanized operation, which requires high quality. The quality of high racks is reflected in the details of production and installation. Users must pay special attention when choosing and purchasing high racks. Next, let’s talk briefly about the production and installation details of high rack.

High rack production details:

The cutting and bending steps of high racks are similar. The main difference lies in material selection and surface treatment technology. The high racks use large coils of steel, and the whole production line produces independently, from partitioning to roll forming, in order to ensure rack quality. Rack surface treatment process: black orginal- removal of surface dirt – Chemical rust removal – phosphating – spraying – leveling solidification – packaging inspection and storage. The specific criteria are as follows:
1. The imported CNC machine tool is used to roll the forming column, and the error of head and tail hole is + 2mm.
2. When full load is applied, the curvature of the inside and outside columns of the column should be less than H/1000, and the load deflection of the beam should be less than L/200.
3. The rigidity and strength of the rack conform to the mechanical industry standard GB/5323-91.
4. The welding process of the rack is carried out according to the national standards. There is no phenomenon of de-welding or virtual welding. Manually remove slag and spatter in each welding area.
5. The thickness of the spray coating on the rack surface is over 60um, which can effectively prevent the rust of the rack.
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High rack installation details:

Installation of high-level racks is the combination of various components of racks on the warehouse site. It is difficult to install high-level racks. There are installation deflection requirements. It requires on-site guidance from professional personnel. Moreover, some mechanical equipment is also needed for the especially high-level racks, and the installation cost is relatively high. But anyway, high rack installation should meet the following points to ensure the safety of goods and personnel.
1. The vertical deviation of the rack is not more or less than 2mm.
2. The height deviation of the same floor beam is + 5mm.
3. The center distance deviation of the bottom of the adjacent rack column is + 2mm.
4. The misalignment deviation of the same rack is not greater than 5mm.
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