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The Intelligence Storage System Solutions In WAP

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Intelligent storage system is an intelligent warehouse that stores goods on high-rise steel racks, accesses and stores goods with roadway stacking crane cooperating with other loading and unloading handling systems around it, and is managed and controlled by computer in an all-round way.

Enterprises are upgrading their warehousing systems because of these attractive advantages:

1. Replacing land with space, reducing land cost and expanding storage capacity;

2. Reduce labor intensity and labor cost of workers;

3. Improving delivery accuracy;

4. Shorten supply chain cycle

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1. Pallet shuttle racking ASRS

Pallet shuttle racking ASRS takes the pallet as the storage unit. It mainly uses the shuttle car to stack directly in the rack guide rail, and uses forklift or AGV (automatic guide vehicle) to connect the warehouse.

Features: It is a dense storage mode, which maximizes the use of space, especially suitable for storage in low temperature environment.

Applicability: Products with few varieties, large batches and centralized storage.

2. Pallet automatic warehouse

Pallet-type automatic warehouse takes pallet as storage unit. It mainly uses stacker to shuttle between roadways of stereoscopic warehouse to store goods at the entrance of roadway or to take out goods from the lattice and transport them to the entrance of roadway.

Characteristic: It can realize intensive storage, make full use of space, the height usually reaches about 22 meters, at the same time, it can achieve the ability of high-speed access to storage, and the capacity can reach 45-50 pallets/hour. It is a widely used storage mode at present.

Applicable: Intensive storage, large quantities, fast-in and Fast-out items.

3. Bin type automatic warehouse

The bin-type automatic warehouse takes the bin as its storage unit. It mainly uses the stacker to shuttle between the roadways of the three-dimensional warehouse, and stores the goods at the entrance of the roadway into the warehouse or takes out the goods in the warehouse and transports them to the roadway entrance.

Features: Achieving intensive storage and fast-in and fast-out, a roadway can usually achieve nearly 200 boxes/hour of composite operation capacity. Can correspond to a variety of storage, to achieve first-in-first-out, emergency first-out and other functions.

Applicable: goods with dense storage and relatively low frequency of outgoing warehouse.


4. Automated Rotary Warehouse

Automated rotary storage is controlled by computer to realize automatic access and management. The rack rotates very fast, reaching a speed of 30m/min. When accessing the goods, the number of the goods in the container is input by the button of the control panel, and the container is automatically rotated to the picking point at the nearest distance to stop.

Features: Short picking routes, high picking efficiency, high-speed warehouse entry and exit functions, a group of warehouse entry and exit platform may reach 400 boxes/hour of entry and exit operation capacity. The height of the intake port is complex ergonomics, which is suitable for operators to work for a long time.

Because the rotating rack can be used in various space configurations and the access, entry and exit are fixed, the space utilization rate is high.

Applicability: Rotary racks are easy to operate and fast to access. They are suitable for the storage and management of small batches of small items, such as electronic components, precision machinery and so on.


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