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The Meeting Doubts in Choosing and Purchasing Storage Racks

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When we face to an empty warehouse, we have many opinions of the racks imagine for storage,but we have many doubts when we choose or purchase with different kinds of storage solutions.
There are many factors to effect our final decision.
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1. Rack Types
There are three ways to store goods on racks: manual storage, forklift storage and automatic storage, depending on which way you access goods, to choose the storage racks, according to their current development and future development direction.
2. Quality
High-quality racks are guaranteed by the thickness of the steel and racks on the racks. Only when the base is well laid can the racks be used for a long time. The rack structure can also determine the quality of a rack. The separators can enhance the strength, safety and overall stability of the racks.
3. Price
Price first, because price is always the most important quantifiable parameter. Customers usually have internal budget when they buy racks, but even if the quotation is within the budget, the cheaper the better. Raw materials + processing fee + profit = sales price, suppliers will not do loss business. There are only two reasons for the low transaction price, or they are Reducing profits is either about material costs or quality. If the profit margin is small, the supplier can not provide good service, and the reduction of material allocation may lead to potential safety hazards. So when purchasing, you should buy the best products within your budget.
4. Rack Brand
It’s important to try to buy big brand products when budget permits. First, the products are mature and technically guaranteed. Second, once problems arise, large manufacturers will provide timely solutions in consideration of their brand reputation. Third, the continuous supply of spare parts, many customers buy the racks of small companies, and then purchase spare parts or rack upgrade only to find that the original supplier or bankrupt or sometimes transferred, can no longer get sustained service, and large brands will not be this situation.
5. Technical parameters and indicators
Usually Party A chooses suppliers for the sake of so-called fairness or under the same conditions. When purchasing racks, it is stipulated that all suppliers must provide the same cross-section size and material thickness of columns and beams, and even the origin of steel. In fact, it is impossible for each rack company to provide exactly the same column, beam size and material thickness under the same loading conditions due to its own design standards, processes and procurement channels. Seemingly fair procurement may actually be more unfair and unscientific. Party A shall provide the storage capacity and carrying demand as the rigid assessment and purchase indicators, and the rack manufacturers shall provide their own plans, so that professional people can do professional things.
| Shuttle Carrier Storage System,Radio Shuttle Racking,AS/RS Warehouse,Pallet Runner,Shuttle Crane System,Storage racks
There are also rack standards, so far there is no national standard for racks in China, only two or three foreign-funded companies implement FEM standards, but in the invitation to tender, it is often stipulated that the deflection of columns is H/1000, the tolerance of crossbeams is several millimeters at zero, which is much higher than the H/750 of FEM. Basically, it is difficult to meet the standard in practice. Many excellent companies will think that this requirement is met by many excellent companies. It is Party A’s trap to stop participating in project bidding.
When we choose to purchase the same equipment, we do not mean that it will be suitable for others, but also for ourselves. Especially when choosing electric storage forklift, we have to take comprehensive consideration, such as the performance of electric storage forklift, combined with the warehousing needs of your own enterprises, select a real electric storage forklift for your own.
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