The required datas in the design of pallet racks

In order to design pallet rack scheme, WAP needs the following datas:

1. Ways of storing goods
Pallet racks store pallet cargo, we need to know some pallet related data, such as the size of the pallet, the direction of the pallet into the fork, the height of the pallet and cargo.

2. Cargo weight
WAP needs to know the weight of the goods, that is, the load of each layer of the pallet rack. When designing the racks, we will design the racks according to the load required by customers and select the appropriate materials, which not only ensure the safety and stability of the racks, but also save the cost of customers and do not waste money.

3. Lifting height of forklift
Pallet racks usually use forklift trucks to store goods, so WAP needs to know the lifting height of our existing warehouse forklift trucks, so as to rationally design the rack height, to avoid forklift trucks cannot pick up the situation.

4. The company’s requirements for safety and protection
Generally, WAP will choose the beam and upright form of ordinary pallet rack, but some of the higher requirements for safety, protection warehouses, may need to add some auxiliary accessories. The purchaser also needs to ask WAP for this, so that can design a good pallet rack.


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