The risk factors effect against the safe using of the warehouse racks

When the users make the operation of the storage with the racks, there would be several risk factors against the safety.

  • From the impact of the previous design:

Design is the premise of production, and is also one of the prerequisites for installation and use. The design is rigorous and reasonable, and it can coordinate the use factors in all aspects, which is related to the safe use of storage racks. The design of this aspect generally refers to these aspects:
1. Fully evaluate the strength, stiffness and stability requirements of the rack itself. Design with reference to relevant standards.
2. Fully consider the connection and stability between the height and width of the rack and the warehouse building.
3. Fully consider the physical and chemical characteristics of stored goods on the rack.


  • Safety factors from rack manufacturing:

The manufacturing stage is related to rack quality, user experience and brand impact, and is also an important factor related to rack safety. It is embodied in the following:
1. If the material specifications do not conform to the design, they will weaken the structural capability and cause potential safety hazard.
2. The painting process of racks is not enough, but the lacquer peel is off, and the inner structure is affected by weight.
3. The accuracy and detail handling of manufacturing racks are not in place, resulting in the lack of tight links between racks and other links, and prone to safety problems.


  • Safety problems at installation or use stage:

The general structure of storage racks is relatively large, and there are more problems in each part. If you do not do well enough, it is easy to appear. If the verticality of the column is not enough and the angle is not enough when installing the rack, poor handling will have an adverse effect on the overall rack. Improper installation or improper location of the safety accessories on the racks will weaken the function of protection and is not good for safety. The improper operation of storage personnel in the use of racks may also cause the safety of the racks, such as overweight delivery, strong collision shelving and so on, may allow the rack displacement or deformation to affect the safe use of the racks.


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