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The superiority of ASRS Warehouse Solution

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The superiority of the automated ASRS warehouse is multi-faceted. For enterprises, it can be reflected in the following aspects:

1. Improve space utilization

The basic starting point of the concept of the early three-dimensional warehouse is to improve space utilization and fully conserve limited and valuable land. In some developed countries in the West, the idea of increasing space utilization has a broader and deeper meaning. Saving land has been linked to more aspects such as energy conservation and environmental protection. Some even treat space utilization as an important indicator of system rationality and advancement.

The space utilization of a three-dimensional warehouse is closely linked to its planning. In general, the automated overhead warehouse has a space utilization ratio of 2-5 times that of a normal flat warehouse, which is quite impressive.

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2. Facilitate the formation of advanced logistics systems and improve the production management level of enterprises

Traditional warehouses are just places where goods are stored and are a kind of “static storage”. The automated three-dimensional warehouse uses advanced automated material handling equipment that not only enables the goods to be automatically accessed in the warehouse as needed, but also can be organically linked to production processes outside the warehouse, and the warehouse is made through computer management systems and automated material handling equipment. An important part of enterprise production logistics. The purchase of purchased parts and self-made parts into the automated warehouse is a part of the whole production. The short-term storage is to automatically output to the next process at the specified time for production, thus forming an automated logistics system, which is a kind of Dynamic storage is also an obvious technological trend in the development of automated warehouses today.

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Automation is an inevitable trend in the development of warehouse management. The efficiency of automation warehouse and the technical level of automation can greatly improve the logistics efficiency of enterprises, and the basic technology of three-dimensional library is becoming more and more mature. At present, more and more enterprises are adopting automated warehouses. Enterprises can build medium and large-scale three-dimensional libraries according to actual conditions, and also build small and medium-sized automated three-dimensional libraries according to their needs.

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