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Working principle & advantages of Radio Shuttle Racking

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The operation principle of Radio shuttle rack (Radio Shuttle Racking ) is that the forklift truck puts the goods on the front of the guide rails, and the radio-controlled shuttle cart can carry the pallets on the guide rails easily then the shuttle cart moves the pallets deep in Radio Shuttle Racking to Radio Shuttle Racking. At the forefront, use the forklift to remove the pallet items from the racks. The forklift can be used to place the shuttle cart in different lanes, and multiple lanes can use one shuttle cart together. The number of shuttle carts is determined by the depth of the roadway, the total quantity of goods, the frequency of shipments, etc.
Radio shuttle rack is suitable for a large number of samples: food, beverages, chemicals, tobacco and other single-variety large batches, relatively single occupations. It is characterized by
1. The highest density of goods is stored, significantly reducing the cost of warehouse construction.
2, First-in-first-out or first-in-last-out,  free to choose and easy to use.
3, No need to drive in, remote control operation, thorough automation, high efficiency in loading and unloading.
4. Compared with other shelves, the induction cost is lower, powerful, safe and reliable.


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