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VNA Pallet Racking

VNA Pallet Racking
VNA Pallet Racking
VNA Pallet Racking
VNA Pallet Racking
VNA Pallet Racking
VNA Pallet Racking

VNA Pallet Racking, the full name is Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking, is similar to Selective racking but decreases the aisle widths more than 50% for greater storage capacity.


At WAP, VNA Pallet Racking is designed for improving the storage density by reducing the pallet racking aisles with special forklift, making vertical storage style. WAP makes optimum use of floor area and roof height while at the same time providing high-density storage with 100% accessibility and good stock rotation.

VAN Pallet Racking Storage system is served by specialized high forklift rotating materials  handling devices operating in very narrow aisles. The benefit being up to 50% saving in aisle width when compared to a counter balance forklift, whilst achieving up to double the stacking height. As the forklift is guided within the aisles the risk of damage is minimized, resulting in lower maintenance.

Very flat floors, close tolerance racking,  carefully located pallets of uniform size and stock location systems are all prerequisites for successful narrow aisle systems.Ground guidance in the aisles is mandatory and the design interface between all aspects of their systems is needed. Truck lift height of 14 metres with man up capability available.

Product Features: 

  • Used majorly for high volume and traffic areas by increasing height of uprights
  • Floor mounted free roaming trucks as flexible in multi aisles
  • High speed through placing with specialized equipment
  • Controlled materials handling provides safe and damage free environment
  • High average locations used 95%, for 100% accessibility
  • Good stock rotation and 50% floor utilization with high cube available



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