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WAP multi-deep shuttle system (Radio Shuttle Racking System and Pallet Runner)

WAP multi-deep shuttle system (racks with WAP shuttle, Radio Shuttle Racking, Radio Shuttle System, Radio Shuttle Rack, Pallet Runner, Radio Shuttle Cart):

In this storage system loading, unloading and units transportation takes place in specially designed channels with WAP radio shuttle.

Forklift truck tasks have been limited in this system to:

  • placing units at the beginning of the channel where it is collected by WAP shuttle
  • moving shuttle between different channels
  • picking up units from the channel where the WAP shuttle left them during unloading process

Advantages of dense storage solutions with WAP radio shuttle:

  • very high rate of storage space usage, what directly translates to lower average storage cost of one pallet
  • increases the efficiency of warehouse operationsquick and silent movement of pallets (speed: ~ 33 m / min with a palette, ~ 66 m / min without pallets)
  • increases of work effectiveness
  • increases safety of operation – the operator does not need to enter into the shells block
  • reduce the cost of servicing racks installation
  • it maximally reduce possibility of damaging the racks by forklift truck
  • ability to handle with the standard forklift trucks
  • ability to easily adapt existing drive-in systems
  • Innovative battery 24V/60Ah Li-Ion – small size, light weight and extended service life. In addition, easy replacement and high charging speed associated with resistance to incomplete charging cycles (100% Full- 5h, 80% of full – 3h)
  • no need to isolate a specific charging zone
  • protection against discharge of the battery during shuttle works
  • advanced position of the load securing system and emergency stop
  • innovative laser device positioning system
  • operating parameters displayed on the remote control
  • simple, intuitive remote control
  • Radio shuttle movement between shelf channels handled by standard forklift

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Areas where the dense storage system with WAP shuttle applicates:

  • refrigerators / freezers, in which special attention is paid to maximize the storage volume due to the high costs associated with maintaining a low temperature inside the warehouse
  • food industry (in particular dairy, beverages), which is required to maintain an effective system of FIFO rotation
  • rapidly rotating storage with very high pace of work
  • relatively diversified products (one channel one product type)

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