WAP Radio Shuttle Racking System makes your storage in automatical easily

You expect maximum warehouse and space utilisation with high handling speeds from your warehouse? Then you should take a close look at the shuttle racks from WAP. To enable you to make best use of your space, we offer you a perfect combination of a high-density WAP pallet shuttle rack and our smart pallet shuttle (Pallet Runner).

The high-density radio shuttle storage system allows semi-automatic storage and retrieval of load carriers. A pallet shuttle moves the load down the channel and stores the pallet in the rack. The system allows independent loading of several channels.

Remember: Time and storage space are valuable. Optimise the utilisation of existing space with a shuttle storage system, even if you need to store a variety of products.

Truck and shuttle work together hand in hand. The principle is as easy as it is efficient. The truck drops the load at the entry of the channel. The load is then picked up by the shuttle and is automatically moved to the end of the channel or the next available storage space. The pallets are carefully placed on the support rails and the shuttle returns to the entrance of the channel to pick up the next pallet. Convenient: The shuttle automatically detects the end of a channel.

With a pallet shuttle you save considerable time and increase safety in the warehouse: The truck does not have to drive inside the rack and the transported goods are handled very carefully compared to block storage. By standard, the WAP pallet shuttles are equipped with a mobile pedestrian protection system to guarantee safe operation.


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